A super fun 3D chess game




Chess is a mobile version of this classic game in 3D where you can enjoy this fun board game from the comfort of your smartphone and improve your technique in the most complicated rounds.

The interface in this game is designed so that you can enjoy it without a single problem, thanks to the 3D graphics and the size of the board and game pieces. The rules are the same as in the original game of chess. So with this version you can simply test your own chess playing skills and enjoy hassle-free rounds of this sport without needing to find another person to play against.

Show off your skills and see how much you know about the game of chess, as you face off against the challenging AI opponent. This app makes for a relaxing way to enjoy the game of chess and also enjoy seven different boards to adapt the game to your likes and preferences. Beat the machine and see who's smarter in these high voltage games.